Ink & Insights, a writing contest service which independently critiques authors’ books, wrote the following reviews of Spirituality in the 21st Century:

“I find the title interesting and it introduces an idea. It makes the reader ask: What is spirituality in the 21st century? I believe it would draw people’s attention to it if they are interested in reading a book about this subject.”

“The opening clearly introduces the main idea of the book and entices readers to continue reading.”

“You’re [voice is] interesting to listen to. Seems like you’ve got plenty of solid ideas.”

“The writing flows and the reader is pulled along effortlessly.”

“Ideas presented are complete and not left hanging with no conclusion.”

“Passages are relevant and useful to intended audience. Readers can relate to the elements presented and perhaps find a solution to their own struggles or gain knowledge from reading.”

“Transitions are smooth within and between segments. When the idea switches, readers are able to follow. Tangents are minimal and relevant.”

“The point of view, whether objective or subjective, is consistent. Insertions of the author’s own ideas, experiences, or opinions are organic and not intrusive.”

“The author’s mission is a sympathetic one. Readers are compelled to listen to the author’s ideas and to seriously consider them.”

“The author’s agenda, to promote spiritual awareness and to end troubles of the world, are clear.”

“This [book] was well-written. It was easy to follow. The writing flowed and pulled me effortlessly along.”

“The intended audience will find this a helpful book to read.”

“I definitely agree that the world needs more books like this.”