Ink & Insights, a writing contest which independently critiques authors’ books, wrote the following reviews of Spirituality in the 21st Century:

“This [book] was well-written. It was easy to follow. The writing flows and the reader is pulled along effortlessly.”

“The author’s agenda, to promote spiritual awareness and to end troubles of the world, are clear.”

“I definitely agree that the world needs more books like this.”

International writers inspiring change (iwic), a free review service for published authors, wrote the following review:

This book is very well-written. Above and beyond any religious perspective, it provides excellent insight and spiritually motivating teachings which anyone can, and should use to achieve a more fulfilling life, not only measured in terms of materialism, but real inner peace.

This is a book that can only expand one’s perspective and horizons. And considering the amount of mental bombardment that we are exposed to every day, through media, television and other advertising, regaling the virtues of making and spending more money, the simple and practical approach to inner happiness, as extolled in this book, are worth the two hours it will take you to read it.